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The company invented inbound marketing and is great for digital marketers looking to boost their sales and conversions. Inbound marketing is a strategy that involves attracting customers through valuable content. The Hubspot blog contains useful information to help marketers create useful blog content. Duct Tape Marketing has you covered with articles on lead generation, local marketing, SEO and Mobile SEO, overall marketing strategy, small business finances, marketing tools, and more. And, they’ve also got a podcast in case you prefer to listen to your marketing insights.

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Marketing blogs can be a great resource for professionals looking for the most current tips https://eng.b2club.ru/buyticket/concertru/?url=https://fidlar-doubleday.com/ and takes on the marketing industry. Much like the industry itself, marketing blogs may cover a variety of topics while focusing on various points of the customer journey. If you wish to read actionable content marketing and SEO strategies, then there’s a not-so-widely-known blog by Growfusely you need to check out. They cover each topic in great detail, with examples and data to back up each claim. And with sound insights and clear takeaways you can implement straight away, you’ll feel like a more proficient marketing professional after reading every post they’ve published.

marketing blogs

Anyone interested in reading the full text of these blog entries will find them located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Zale Mortgage is encouraged to visit the company’s official website. The Miami, Florida-based real estate marketing firm heralds the debut of a new online journal from which it will communicate its ideas and policies to the world. Weave is better for businesses that rely on phone calls and appointment scheduling, such as medical offices, hair salons, and other service-focused businesses. Weave is also a good fit for businesses looking for a solution that also includes a limited email marketing function. If getting positive online reviews is super important for the success of your business, Podium is your best bet.

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The blog consists of guides, case studies, and how-to posts to help you rank your eCommerce business. You can even get some business ideas on the blog, which you can use to scale up your business. If you’re looking for general marketing advice, this is a worthwhile stop. Lee Odden has been blogging about online marketing since the Google Florida update.

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As a marketer, you can think of Sharelov as your posting calendar and scheduler for all the social media profiles you manage on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. The blog serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking for reliable advice on how to reach new heights in their business. It can be hard to predict the future, especially for something as fast-changing as social media, but Buffer seems to always stay on top of today’s trends and remain aware of the latest buzz. Hootsuite allows you to track all your social activity across networks in one user-friendly dashboard and create beautiful, engaging posts for every network. Join over 16,000 people who receive web marketing tips every two weeks. Similar to reading time, this subtle design element shows you how far you are into the content.

See which tools and software are best for your influencer marketing strategy. Parsing through the ocean of marketing content online is much easier when you know where and how to start. Turning to these blogs when you have a marketing question about content, product, ecommerce, search engines or social media will ensure that you get the help you need and deserve. Contently is one of those content marketing blogs that’s well-loved by brands and writers alike.

On the blog, Chris teaches a range of strategies, from inbound to outbound and everything in between. The Hotjar blog focuses on website analysis and tracking tools, which shouldn’t be a surprise given that that’s the space they’re in. Forall they offer a whole load of expensive courses (which are very highly regarded!), they also create great free content over on their blog.

If brevity is the soul of wit, then Seth Godin is the wittiest man in marketing. Featuring short, highly digestible posts, Godin frequently dives into marketing life lessons that would benefit marketers of any age or skill level. Utilize the blog’s “How To” tab to discover the role data plays in this process. Topics range from updates on Google Ads products, to search trends and practical guidance aimed at brands and advertisers. The Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI’s) mission is to teach brands how to bring in and keep hold of customers through engaging storytelling, and its blog is a natural extension of that. Jon Dykstra is the man behind Fat Stacks, a blog all about making money online.

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