15 Top Marketing Agency Blogs You Should Be Following

It highlights the importance of presentation and visibility on the internet. It has since won awards as a branding agency and industry-leading design blog. Marketers need to be at the top of their game to stay competitive in this industry. Also, for marketers, there is no end to the learning curve as all valuable information is available online and shared by other marketers and thought leaders of the industry. Data and results from traditional marketing approaches can take weeks or even months to come in and generate. You won’t know if someone reads your newspaper article or ad unless they contact you.

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The articles and posts include case studies, podcasts, reviews of the latest industry research, and expert interviews along with the latest social media updates & news. The topics covered in the blogs below include (but aren’t limited to)content marketing tactics, advice from experts, content marketing tools, content statistics, and content curation. If your favorite blog is not listed, or if you know of any other great source of content marketing information, leave us a comment below. This platform is a treasure trove of marketing wisdom, led by a global team of experts. They publish popular blog posts almost every day, and every piece is worth reading.

The main objection of copy bloggers is to educate people about digital marketing trends and make them ready to face the challenges. They mainly focus on the digital marketing blog titles and subheadings because the titles make the user get attracted and read the article. This SaaS company takes the “content is king” mantra very seriously. The tool enables you to educate yourself on trending topics, get blog ideas, and produce better content every time.

I first discovered HelpScout through their wildly popular “color in marketing” post which is my top pick from their blog. Technically, this isn’t an article, but Wistia’s series One, Ten, One Hundred is an amazing piece of marketing content that we had to include. The thing I like most about Marketo, is they serve their blog posts as “quick hits.” They’re short and informative, rather than long drawn out pieces.

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Brian is synonymous with the world of content marketing and blogging. And, much like Chris at Content Mavericks, is a huge advocate for quality over quantity. Backlinko is one of those marketing blogs that has http://images.google.com.lb/url?q=https://ascensionfbservices.com/ been around forever. Unbounce is yet another SaaS company with a great marketing blog.

On top of Facebook advertising, Karola’s blog also features advice for SaaS and mobile app marketing. The blog is designed to feature articles that lay out methods that can be easily replicated by the readers. The founder and writer, Ben Lund, vouches for the strategies stating that he also uses the same techniques in his job. The latest articles of their blog are usually found on their front page.

If there’s a better business idea out there, we will find it and bring it up to you. Untill then, enjoy our tips on some of the proven methods of earning money online. Authored by Shane Melaugh, Active Growth is full of insights that will help you scale your info product business quickly. I couldn’t think of anyone but Anastasia of Anastasiablogger when it comes to whom to learn Pinterest strategies from. With Copyblogger, you will learn to write sensational headlines, relatable content, use storytelling approach, and much more. This is one of the most reputable SEO news websites that publish a couple of articles per day.

The blog is managed by John Doherty who is the founder of Credo which is a service to connect businesses to the right marketing provider. Clients from Hell tells horror stories about freelancers, offering a space for freelancers and entrepreneurs to fume and vent to others who can commiserate. You can also see who’s who among the newest and most celebrated marketing professionals in this digital space.

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Backlinko is one of the leading digital marketing blogs that can offer you the best solution regarding SMM, SEO, and marketing queries. But we can say behind the stage of Backlinko there is Brian Dean. Basically, he is an international SEO expert that guides online SEO techniques.

CoSchedule is a suite of content scheduling tools including a content marketing calendar and headline analyzer. Topics include content creation, content repurposing, marketing strategy, organic traffic, and much more. Content Strategist is the blog by Contently, a content marketing business that provides a suite of marketing solutions. Social media marketing has become absolutely indispensable when it comes to customer engagement. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter offer businesses of all sizes ways to increase customer engagement, retention, and sales.

They regularly publish white papers detailing consumer sentiment and more. If you’re interested in email accessibility, be sure to check out ActionRocket’s Email for All content. Optimize your email deliverability with industry leading tools and support. Getting new customers is challenging, especially in this competitive industry. One of the most important things when implementing a referral campaign is to decide which channels and implementation solutions to choose. For brick and mortar stores it might be difficult to track and see which customers have been referred.

Shopify is a leading global commerce company, providing trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. Covers topics from agencies, commerce, convergent-tv, creativity, brand-marketing, inside-the-brand, media, performance-marketing, programmatic and social-marketing. Adweek is the leading source of news for marketing, media, and advertising professionals. Adweek is a must-read for CMOs, creatives, media buyers, content creators, agency heads and anyone looking to stay informed about the digital media landscape. Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing, has been named one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world on Forbes.com.

In conclusion, if there is a bad customer experience, users will not only refuse to return but will also influence others not to buy from you. So designing the best possible strategy with tools like the experience map could be the key to improving your customers’ experience with your company. The touchpoints are moments when the client communicates with the company before or after consuming your articles and services. They are fundamental elements in designing the customer experience map. It is essential to learn how to do a research market study, since it will give you the necessary tools to learn more about this type of function. The mission and goal of Digital Success is to provide the best digital marketing services in the world for small businesses to achieve unprecedented growth.